How to get InstancedStaticMeshComponent bounds

I’m trying to get InstancedStaticMeshComponent local bounds,

const FVector boundMax;
Loop_Habitacion_Suelo(size, boundMax.X + boundMax.Y / 2);

but im geting this error,
C4239: nonstandard extension used: ‘default argument’: conversion from ‘FVector’ to ‘FVector &’

how can i make this work?
i only need the x and y from max value.

If you see & in a function parameter without const before it, it means that it’s an Out Parameter – a parameter that will be changed by the function, but not a return type.

In this case the function is void GetLocalBounds(FVector& Min, FVector& Max) const; – it has two Out Parameters, so in order to use it, you need to do something like:

FVector boundMin;
FVector boundMax;
IComp_Suelo->GetLocalBounds(boundMin, boundMax);

Thank you.