How to get in contact with Epic Games people responsible for Unreal Enterprise Program?

Dear all,

in my company we want to develop UE4 based solutions. Considering that we want to distribute it under certain conditions we want to talk about a special EULA agreement and applying for the Unreal Enterprise Program.

My first guess was to send an inquiry to

Unfortunately we did not receive a feedback after 4 weeks trying it 3 times.

Can someone help me how to get in contact with the responsible persons?

Any pointer is appreciated.


Hi Holger.

Please send me a private message here on the forums. In the message, let me know the email address that you provided when you submitted the custom terms form. I’ll review our records to determine what happened with your submission.

Thank you

Thanks, Stephen.

I just send you a private message, I hope I did it right.

I appreciate your effort.

Best regards,

Hey there, we are in the same situation.