How to Get ID Name in BP?

The objects on a map are listed in the World Outliner tab. They are listed in the Label column with an ID Name. How can we get this ID Name in BP?


Original image found here:

You can use GetName or GetObjectName. I don’t know if they return this ID, but what they do return is unique for the level. This also works with PIE and packaged build, but… you can’t rely on the same name between runs or between PIE and packaged versions.

Actually, the node “Get Object Name” from Overlap/OtherActor is probably what I need for now.

But I would like a BP to say, “My ID Name is: {whatevername}”

What you’re saying is true. Object IDs change in packaging. I’m just looking for a debug solution.

I’m looking for the same, a simple way to know what is the Actor’s ID Name by BP.