How to get HUD widget function to show up on client?

I’m having some trouble with widgets that are bound to functions displaying client-side. It displays properly on the server and in local, but I see nothing on the client. I am able to get simple text to show up on the client, but when I bind a text block to a function it fails to display on clients. Any ideas?


I have just come across this: [UMG] Network updated widgets - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

does that mean I should move timer function from the Game Mode to the Player Controller?

I just came across this thread in a search… Sorry. GameMode class only exists on server. So ya that will never run on client. I run my timer in the game mode class so that only the host in responsible for the clock timing. Then I call a method on my gamestate (gamestate does exist on clients&host) that sets a replicated variable and then the HUD accesses the time from that.

That worked, thanks!

I used Tick to update the variable, but I often hear that you should avoid Tick if possible…is there another way I could go about doing it?