How to get Health Bar Percentage working?

I want my health bar to deplete and show that when im playing. I already have a health deplete key and right now it just fades the whole bar to black rather than a normal left to right health bar depletion. If the Health_Bar_PER function is a linear color I get a fading to black and a float conversion in the event graph. If the Health_Bar_PER function is a float then I just get an unable to find float property error. Current and Max Health are both set to 100.

Health bars have been done to death on youtube:

As it says, the bar expects percentage values. Therefore, the depletion of the progress bar is controlled with values between 0 and 1.

If you want to bind the color to the percentage, you’d have to bind the color property. When binding, you can use the “Create Binding” shortcut to create a getter function that has the correct types. Don’t change them as it’ll break the binding. How you interpolate the colors is up to you, but you have to make it in the correct place.

As ClockworkOcean suggested, there are numerous tutorials on this.

I hope this was a bit helpful.