How to get "get socket location"

I’m trying to attach the bullets I spawn in a “SpawnActor” to a socket on all my guns. I made a socket called “Muzzle” on all of them. Since they are in different locations the spawn transform should be different which is why i need to use the sockets.

But I can’t access the “get socket location” node in the blueprint editor to show up. I was following a video and it looked like the guy dragged in from an actor or static mesh in the character blueprint. I tried both and the node didn’t show up. I can’t find any projects to copy/paste the node from. Any ideas?

Also do I need to have the weapons in the component of the character blueprint to work? Cause right now they are being spawned through some actor classes.

If it jsut doesn’t show up you have to uncheck the “context sensitive” button in the “all possible actions” tab which shows up when right-clicking. And I did the same thing watch out to take the one in the tab “transformation” there is another one which I always switch :slight_smile:

Oh wow it was that simple huh, thanks a lot! :smiley:

The blueprint image I uploaded earlier was incorrect so I removed it.

If you’re working on a FPS character r now with a line trace weapon I can send u screenshots (if u want) as I justfinished that :wink:

Does that create laser aim? Yeah that would be great!

Not on my computer right now, but just send me an e-mail and I’ll send u back the pics (tomorrow) :slight_smile: