How to get gamemode/world pointer from uobject

How do i get pointer to gamemode or pointer to world from inside a UObject.

From an actor its easy, but cant seem to find any options for getting any of those pointer from inside UObject derived class.

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Dont know about the new version tag confusion was made to select 4-27 to get this post submit, i am actually using ue5, not that its relevant to this question.


GEngine->GetWorldFromContextObject( WorldContext, EGetWorldErrorMode::LogAndReturnNull ) is generally the standard way that functions figure out the world from random UObjects in any of the places where a WorldContext is passed in. You could call that with this for the first param and whichever enumeration value you feel is most appropriate.

GEngine->GetWorldFromContextObject( this, EGetWorldErrorMode::LogAndReturnNull ) 

Thanks a million that did it