How to get flashlight to work

Hi, I have recently migrated the flashlight blueprint assets from the Realistic Rendering project into my own horror game. I am trying to implement the flashlight to my third person character, but have no idea of how to truly do this. Any advice?

Hi there.

The easiest way to add your flashlight to the character is to add it as component. a bit more complicated is to add it by attaching it to a socket. using sockets has the advantage to attach and detach it during the game. as a component it would be part of the character and allways in its hand.

for the component method open your characters blueprint and then use the components tab to add your flashlight to the character. The flashlight should appear in the middle of your character then. Use the arrows in the viewport window to move it to the correct position (i.e. the hand). Documentation can be found here (but step 5 is the only interesting one for you):

The engine documentation has a very good tutorial about the socketing system. Please take a look here: