How to get examples with limited internet

What you can do is watch twitch videos where example projects are explained. Atleast there is a very good twitch proadcast about multyplayer shootout project. But the overall answer is no, you canno’t get that content without downloading them. You could just go to your brothers place and download them all there.


I have a 20GB per month limit on my internet. If I exceed the limit the connection is unusable.

Given the size of the content examples how can I get the content without maxing out my internet account.

I could take my computer to my brothers place and download there as he has an unlimited download account but I do not want to keep doing this.

Is there a simple way to get the content onto my PC via my brothers PC without having to reinstall the engine every time I transfer content?

So to answer my own question and for anyone else in the same position.

Download to PC with unlimited internet access and transfer to USB. Move to target PC
Simply copy from the USB straight into the vault cache wherever that is on the target PC.

The issues I was wondering about due to reading other posts were:
Will I need to reinstall the engine - No.
Does it care that the locations of the vault on the two PCs is different - apparently not.
Did I have to transfer Program Data files - No.
Did I have to make a fake location - No.

I would recommend changing your ISP if possible but if not try to work something out with your ISP. If Comcast I have nothing better to say besides run as fast as you can out of there stonge hold area. But if all else fails start the download at the last hour or so of the data reset to get near double data