How to get EQSQueries to work in 4.21

I’ve been able to use EnvQuery in the previous versions of UE4, but when I upgraded to 4.21 I’ve been unable to edit the files. Upgrading the engine gives me an error message when I launch my project with “can’t find files for asset. Script/EnviromentalQueries”. What is strange about it is that the Queries are still being used by the Ai work, and I can package the game only being unable to edit these Queries. As well as this I can’t add new Queries from the Ai and when I try to use a data asset with the EnvQuery it is empty and I have no way of editing the Query except in C++.

With this I was wondering if there is a button I’m missing as I no longer see the EQS under experimental or Ai.

I have found the solution!
Go to Edit Menu > Editor Preferences > Experimental, and checking the check box next to Environment Querying System under the AI category

Thanks, this worked.