How to get engine version from .uproject file?

Trying to open a project with 4.9.2 but editor says it was created using different version. Wich version should I add if .uproject has

If you open the .uproject file in any standard text editor, the contents should specify the associated version, as in the following snippet:

	"FileVersion": 3,
	"EngineAssociation": "4.12", <--- there!
	"Category": "",
	"Description": "",

Super old post, but wanted to comment as I was looking for something similar.

To get detailed info on the version, go to [Engine-Folder]/Engine/Build/Build.version.

Here will be all the info you need on the engine version. The example below is for 4.26.2:

	"MajorVersion": 4,
	"MinorVersion": 26,
	"PatchVersion": 2,
	"Changelist": 15973114,
	"CompatibleChangelist": 14830424,
	"IsLicenseeVersion": 0,
	"IsPromotedBuild": 1,
	"BranchName": "++UE4+Release-4.26"

An unreal engine 4.0.2 project can be opened in Ue4.27 but a project of Ue4.27 cannot be opened in Ue4.0.2 . The projects are not backward compatible.
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