How to get each path placed in the game for Ai to choose from?

I have set up a path following ai car, and I’d like to make more of them with random path options. The base setup was for one path so now if I make more cars they all try to follow the same path. I’ve made a few more splines to pick from, I just don’t really know how to get all instances placed in the game of the path (copies of the same actor) so the cars can choose a random one for themselves. (I guess the path picking also can be separated off of event tick?) This is where I’m at now:

  • avoid calling Get All nodes on Tick - have a look at the tooltip of that node

Consider the following:

  • when the game starts we find all spline actors in the world and make an array out of them - each car now knows about all splines
  • we select a random path and store its reference Current Path
  • when a car is ready to choose another Spline, call the Custom Event which will pick another random element from the array and reference that actor in a variable Current Path
  • use the reference to the Current Path to drive the car on Tick using the preferred method

Do tell what you think.

avoid calling Get All nodes on Tick - yes, absolutely

yes, thats what i was looking for! thanks