How to get direction palms are facing with Leap Motion Controller

I am using the Leap Motion Controller with the Oculus Rift D2 (iirc) for a project and am trying to get the direction the palms are facing so that the fire effect I have shoots in that direction say for e.g. you are pushing out with your palms away from your face outward - I had also planned to shoot projectiles this way - but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

I had trouble setting up my Leap Hands correctly in the first place so that I could track the position of the hands - I wish I could access the positioning and direction straight from the component but I’ve tried and don’t know how.

Attached are my BPs for how I get the location of the palms and my attempt at getting their direction as shown by the Leap guide I found earlier through googling which shows a debug arrow and box. As it is setup now the position of the box and arrow are way off but seem to rotate and map the direction correctly. Sorry I don’t have access to the Oculus or Leap atm so I can’t post those pics. Any suggestions would be helpful to me and others who search for the answer to the same problem.

So this is how I’ve managed to get the position of my palms from the leap and adapted it for the Oculus following the leap plugin instructions for others who are struggling (cause hell I know I did :’) ):

And this is where I am struggling to get the direction my palms are facing:

By getting the debug location right I was hoping to use it to track the location and rotation to apply to my fire effect.

Thanks for any help or advice!

Sources used to help setup:

[Plugin] Leap Motion - Event Driven - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums