How to get device pitch, yaw and roll in degrees?

I’m trying to use the device current orientation to set the player’s rotation, so far I’ve tried to using the Get Input Motion State, but I can’t seem to make sense of the values of Tilt and Gravity, I get values ranging from -1 to 1 and from -1.50 to 1.50 respectively, is it posible to create a rotator using these values, and if so can you explain. Thanks.

Also interested in a reply to this

An idea that pops to mind is to take the axis inputs and then multiply them by 180 and then make a rotator of the x and y -180,180 makes 360 degrees, then maybe negate the negative rotator and * the 180 by 2

We need to exlore this more for a real answer its new territory. It will involve the raw axis values multiplied, turned into vectors and rotators, and back and forth all over the place. i dont know of a guide anywhere it jus takes debugging and experimentation. A temporary hud to display the values will be your best friend here thats how I make realistic data for fluid simulations for flight and water based games.