How to get data from sensors, and how to use vibrate, on mobiles and win gamepad?

Title says it all.
How do i get to those tasty extra sensors on mobile (and windows gamepad)? I am mostly interested in accelerometers in mobile and pad.

And second problem is how to “play” any vibration at all on android (and gamepad). I do not need some super fancy frequency data, just something like weak, medium and strong vibration, with adjustable time.
There are some blueprint nodes that should work with forcefeedback, but somehow nothing ever vibrated.

When i am at pad problem in windows how do i use real, physical pad with windows (this is for gameplay testing, but still would be nice to have).

Gyroscope & Accelerometer. I have not tested it, but I think it should work.
2015-01-27 17-44-38 Minimal_Default  - Level Blueprint Editor.png

Cool thanks, it is always biggest problem to know those names of nodes. :smiley: