How to get current key for Key Bindings

Hi, I’m still learning blueprints and I’ve been making a game on my own and I need help with the key bindings option for my game. I already got the widget and a few other things but, I wanted to start the game and get the current keys of the action mappings in the key bindings menu, so here’s what I got so far…

I think that the pink pin should have something referencing the crouch key connected to it but I don’t know what.

Hey @kHynnS!

So the way you’ll get that… You’ll need to make sure a “KEY” variable is set up on your player as the mapped key. Then when you Construct, you get a ref to the player, and pull the reference for that specific “Key” variable. Then off of that key variable you use “GetKeyDisplayName” and plug it into the “In No Key Specified Text” :slight_smile: