How to Get Component's Location???

I tried running the output on my BP to GetWorldLocation and it is ALWAYS 0 for all fields.
I am trying to get the actor, but I can’t seem to find the pin to pass its reference.

Store the result of “Get Overlapping Components” in a variable and feed that to your ForEachLoop. It should work then.


That is not the issue here. You´re trying to get the Actor Location and feed the Component as input. Components are not Actors. If you want Component Location you need to use GetWorldLocation.

Abarudra is not right here, it would not work. A component is not an actor. There’s also no need to store anything. Drag a pin off ArrayElement and search for GetWorldLocation - this will give you a location vector node with the correct (SceneComponent) signature/target.

My bad then. It was not possible (for me) to feed get-nodes that return arrays directly to for each loops in an older version. It had the same effect however.

You need to drag the blue pin off your “For each loop” and type in “get world location” this will give you the node you’re looking for a correctly tied to the “Array Element”.

If you’re trying to get the location of the actor who hit the cone, the “Event hit” automatically gives it to you through the “Other Actor” output pin (this is the actor who hit the cone).