How To Get Colliding Actor From Array

Hello, I have an array of multiple splines that I have on my level they are just duplicates of a single blueprint and I want to know how I can call the specific spline that has collided with the player so I can have it be chosen as the current spline.

I have a grinding system so I assume this is the way I’d chose which rail to grind on if you have any other suggestions on how to do this please feel free since the error I have at the moment is the player being teleported to the most recently duplicated spline


I basically want to find how to feed the currently collided spline into the function so it can set the actor location properly.

there are two ways i immediately think of, you could use the get overlapping actors then test each one in the array via a cast to find a spline/rail, or you could have a overlap event in the spline bp that sets a variable in the character on begin overlap.

actually for the first idea you wouldnt even need the cast, you could just get the first index as long as your not overlapping more than one at once.

for the second option see the below picture.

Thank you so much this worked out perfectly!