How to Get Class with changed variable?

I have actor class, where I’m changing additional variable. When I’m trying Get Class I have only class default, where changed variable is not changed. I have to save class elsewhere, for example in array.

Simplest solution would be have Get Class with class changed too or additional node for Class Default. Any help? Maybe this is just bug, and Get Class should get changed class too?

Thank you.

Ok, but I not need get class defaults, I’m using it elsewhere. I’m using here GetClass, but it giving default values only.

Why I can set variables on spawn actor from class, if I can’t use it further?

Closer :slight_smile: I’m giving initial values, like a Health 80 instead of 100. This is possible? Now is possible to save elsewhere this Zombie Base but with Health 80?
I know, maybe I hit dead end, but I have some reasons to do it like this, if it will work - great.

Yes, I know, because when I’m checking GetHealth, it is 80 (example, I have other values). But how to store it elsewhere? I have array of actor class. I need store this ZombieBase class with health 80.
This is only weak part of system I created, however it can make all trash :slight_smile:

My final array structure sketchup:
[[zombieBase,health 100],[zombieBase,health80]]

I will work with data tables, I need it anyway for other use. Thank for your help. I still have issues with set default vars on spawn actor, but maybe next time.

Hello Vaheva,

Class default only return default values of variables. You need object reference for this.


You can only give initial values when creating a class. So you must create reference this object.


Yeap this right. Possible :slight_smile:

If store real time must use array. But store like database you should use “DataTable”. For Example;