How to get chunk damage on destructible?

I want to make a destructible wall and want to know when some chunks or certain chunks have been shot out of it.

For example make the AI in the other room alert as soon as the wall is dug through.

In Constructor:

        OnComponentFracture.AddDynamic(this, &myDestructibleComponentClass::OnDestract);	

The function signature:

	void OnDestract(const FVector &HitPoint, const FVector &HitDirection);

You can also override this functions to get a notification on damage

virtual void ApplyDamage(float DamageAmount, const FVector & HitLocation, const FVector & ImpulseDir, float ImpulseStrength) override;

virtual void ApplyRadiusDamage(float BaseDamage, const FVector & HurtOrigin, float DamageRadius, float ImpulseStrength, bool bFullDamage) override;