How to get child actors?


what I am trying to do:

Get all the child actors from an actor.


->Parent Actor

  • Child Actor 1
  • Child Actor 2
  • Child Actor 3

After I got the child actors from the Parent Actor I want to attach them to different Actor.
The only thing I found was “Get Children Components” but this only shows me the components not the Actors they are in.

Any ideas?

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Child actors are components that attach actors to actors as components, so you need to read from child actor component what actor they have and that component got variable exposed to blueprint for that

So drug return value of “Get Children Components” (ofcorse it needs to be single item of array) and drop it, in context menu you should see variables or just search “get child actor”

And If I’m parenting spawned actors with each other do each actor need this child actor component? Does this mean I have to attach the other actors as a component of the other actor? There is no way of getting the childs directly?

Could you show a picture of this in a blueprint (or is there any tutorial of how to use child actor components)? I’m kinda new to blueprints and can’t seem to understand how this works.

Ok, I’m going to use an actor array. Thanks for the help.

Child Actor Component makes actor physically attached to parent actor… like any other component, if you want to do other kind of relation, simple variable (or array) will do the thing