How to get Characters to move to move through each other

It seems that there is some logic in the character movement component which prevents characters from ever passing through each other. If you set up collision on two characters so that they should pass through each other they still won’t.

Does anyone know a way around this? The ultimate goal is something akin to racing games ghost ‘Best time’ racer which you can race against, it can copy the input from your best run and re-trace your steps, but if you collide with it, it throws it off which ruins the mechanic. I do need it to be a character, I just want to make another character able to pass through it.

Wow this still doesn’t have a solution. Were you able to come up with something? I want something similar for my AI simulation of a town

did you set the collision on the mesh and the capsule component they both have to ignore the pawn or whatever you have your character is set too works fine for me .