How to get character foot hit points without notify?

Hi guys, this is my first post here.
For start I work on an animation series so most of my animations are not loops and they are acting clips from Mocap. I need particle systems on feet hitting the ground but the only way that I found is notify on animation. The problem is my animations are really long and different for every plan and each character moves in a random direction so notifying each step is not the best way for me.
Can you please show me a way to use blueprint or even coding to get feet hit points for every character? Is it possible even?

Possibly attaching collision spheres to characters feet and triggerin whatever you need on overlap events with the ground.

Hi Adeptus. Can I get the speed and impact of the hit with collision sphere? so I can ignore small hits maybe for walking and just standing.

You can check this out…

Unreal Engine 4 - (Tutorial) My Take On Using Anim Notifies
I did a timer for footstep sounds, you could add a line trace to that timer, that traces down to the ground and do it that way

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