How to get camera view cordinates in 2D?

Hello am trying to setup my animation blueprints.
And everything whent well for walking to running.

Now am trying to do the same with my Aim Animation.
After some houers of scrathing my head i got it setup correctly.
Except in the Blend Space for the animation i have X and Y for aim.

How can i get the 2D angle of the camera view.
So center whould be (X 0.0) and (Y 0.0)?

From what i can see the View port should give me this but not been able to figuer it out yet.

Anyone know how to do this?
Ether in code or Blueprint.

Edit: Just found this Aim Offset in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation
I think i just made a regular Blend Space, so need to test thet when home from work.

You know there’s an Aim Offsets Asset that handles this all for you?

You just supply the still frames for the various angles and then Aim Offsets blends between them!

Look through the right click menus till you see Aim Offsets for making a new asset!


I did this and for some reson i had to change all the animation assets to Mesh Space and that left me with a blob of the character.
I checked the shooter example and it has the blend space setup and not the AIm Offest.

I have it moving its just not moving the way i expect.
Maybe i need to restrict my camera in some way?

Edit: You can see what am trying to atchive .
I just want to be able to set it up by my self and not steal the Blueprints from the sample content.

When am back home i can post a video of how my self implemented version behaves.

EDIT: So i got it working :slight_smile:
For anyone that may be intrested i used Blend Space and not aim offset to achive this.

is a image of my Anim Blueprint for anyone trying to solve the same issue.

I also included the

void GetAimOffset(FVector Location, FRotator Rotation);

method from the shoter example, thank you Epic. :slight_smile:

Also is a image of my Blend Space Setup.

I did not include the AimDirectionUp, Down.

I think this is what gave my so many problems.

Congratulations !