how to get camera to stay behind character

Hey, so I’m using the 3rd person template for testing some things, I wanted to find out how could I make the camera constantly stay behind the player character, so that it always stays behind him, even when the player turns, the camera adjusts to stay in that default view and follow.

any help would be appreciated!

You have to replace the “Get Control Rotation” inside of your characters Event Graph with “Get Actor Rotation”.

That will take care of it.


Hi Jarrod.Cooper13

A very simple way to do this is to, in the ThirdPersonCharacter Blueprint, select the CameraBoom in Components Tab, then in the Details panel deselect the check boxes for Camera settings shown below so that you are no longer using the Pawn controls to affect the camera:

I just added this set UseController Rotation Yaw and checked it, hope it helped.