How to get camera rotation so that it is always facing the center relatively instead of globally

A more Accurate description of this is my current camera will circle my world like a camera on a spring just fine but by using [Find Look at Rotation] It will pivot at the top and bottom axis of the world very much like a globe has small horizontal lines as it reaches the north and south pole. What will happen if a player on the world goes in a straight line from the center to the north pole and the moment he reaches past the north pole the camera will rotate immediately upon the yaw by 180 degrees, instead I would like for the camera to maintain its original orientation among the yaw and to change by only pitch so that it looks like the player is always moving forward.

A more clear example would be a player(small ball) rolling on a small planet(larger ball) from north to south pole. Once the player has reached the top(north pole) or bottom (south pole) the camera will rotate 180 along the yaw, if the camera was to be placed on a spring arm attached to the planet and uses the find look at rotation. Is there a way to keep the orientation of the camera always facing one way so that the Yaw will not rotate and keep keep the same orientation while constantly looking at the small ball rotate around the larger one?

Horizontal movement with this code is fine, but Vertical movement across the north/south pole inverts the pitch and rotates the yaw 180 degrees.

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Did you ever figure this out?