How to get button event in child widget?

Hi, I think this should be a very common problem, but it’s weird that I can’t find any tutorials or documents online regarding this problem.

I have a system that can add/remove a certain type of child widget from my Lobby_UI menu, that part worked fine. But my question is, who do I get the button click event happened in my child widget inside the Lobby_UI Widget?
specifically, here is what it looks like:

The CarPanel is created dynamically. and i need to know witch button the player clicked and if they clicked on the picture, and also need to know which panel the player clicked on.

I tried to send the information to the parent in the CarPanel but it only returns a widget component, not the whole Lobby_UI widget. And I didn’t see any event that I can use inside the Lobby_UI BP.
Did I do it wrong? or is there a way to work around this?

Thank you very much for all the help!

Did you resolve this problem?

Yes I found a way to work around this problem. But the problem remains, you can’t pass the info directely back to it’s parent. Instead you have to pass it to something else like player controller or game instance, and then pass it back into the widget. Since my project is an online system, I passed the info to the server’s game mode from player controller and then called a update function to have all player update their UI using the new info.

Yes, I thought to solve the problem in the same way. Thanks