How to get bound key to show in text?

I hope someone can help me with the following.
Using the project editor, I have added some Key Binds (Blueprint FPS template), but now I’d like to show the bound Key (InputActionInteract) in the info text.
Like such: “press E to interact”.

However, I can’t find out how (if) it’s possible to get the Key from my binding to show the actual key in the text.

I do hope it’s possible, and that someone might point me in the right direction.
Thanks for reading this far.
I am using Blueprint by the way.

Check out this tutorial:

Towards the end of the video it’ll walk you through how to set up the text you are looking for.


Appreciate the suggestion, but that video is basically how I got to my current progress.
The text is set “statically”, but I’d prefer to actually get the bound key, so if I were to change the bind from E to F, it says “press F” instead of “press E” without changeing all texts manually.