how to get Borderless windowed mode for windows?

I found out how to make fullscreen and change resolution. However this looks like hack (using Execute console command from blueprint, and fullscreen + set res). Autocomplete in console does not hint those comands.
But how do i set windowed and borderless mode? How do I read native display resolution in windows?

This is great. I have been searching for this console command forever. I didn’t realize you are suppose to add them together. I don’t know how to get borderless window yet but I know you place a 0, 1, or 2 after the “fullscreen” to get different modes.


Hi, I’m facing this same issue, did you find any solution working on UE4.7?

How do I read native display resolution in windows?

Well, I know that the Victory Plugin can read supported resolutions.

Is there an answer?


I do not believe it is currently possible to get borderless window in 4.7 since it’s bugged (probably fixed in 4.8) but you can get borderless fullscreen window mode with the command: r.setres 1920x1080wf (the resolution does not matter, it will take the size of the whole screen).

To get supported resolutions, use Rama’s victory plugin like Jamendxman3 suggested (click my sig to go to the relevant thread :p).