How to get blender to unreal plugin?

Still new to Unreal. Started learning it 2 weeks ago. I want to get into a workflow of just pumping out animation assets and models. Then slowly completing a game while learning everything about the engine.

However for the last 2 weeks I find myself banging my head on the keyboard trying to find a way to get these damned fxb’s imported properly into the engine. Without getting a migraine from staring at the import/export options for hours on end trying to decide whether that tick box would make a difference despite the fact that i’ve tried it a thousand times. It totally destroys the creative flow.

I connected my github account a couple of weeks ago and received no email. Let it slide hoping I’d find other solutions online. I’ve followed the instructions outline here: Download our new Blender addons - Unreal Engine .

So as a last resort, I finally decided to ask a question in the forum. So the question is, how do I get this plugin? Is there a special thing I need to do or do I need to be a member of something? Maybe I missed something in the instructions? Please help.

I forgot to mention. Downloaded mixamo animations. Using blender 2.91.2. Trying to edit certain animations. E.g., cut jump animation to facilitate start, loop and end sequences. Imports ok in blender. Followed the guidelines on export from blender and import to unreal. But when imported, bones are always in the wrong orientation. I’m planning on using the same skeleton for maximo animations so that i could later create a character customization menu so that I could just reuse the same assets with different characters.

Did you ever find if there was a plugin for this and if so, where to find it? Our modeler takes a very long time to get a model into UE due to complex materials not coming over. Thus to have even a trivial change to the models limits how fast we can get to a game that can be shipped. I’m trying to find a way to recommend that would improve this workflow.

The link in the original post appears to be unreachable.

Blender materials look very similar to Unreal materials but they’re very different! Image textures are well supported but my recommendation is to create “complex materials” directly in the unreal material editor and not in an external software (that should save you some time and give you a better preview of the final result (the same model can look very different only because the light management of the software is different)

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Thanks for the response. I don’t know the modeling side but was hoping to streamline his process a bit. I get what you are saying and will relate it to him.

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