How to get automation tests from the command line to return 'All Tests'?

UE4Editor.exe “MyProject.uproject” -editortest -execcmds=“Automation List” -log

Running the above command is returning a number of automation tests from the editor, however the one I am trying to get is the Project.Blueprints.Compile Blueprints test which is not found.
When opening the editor and going to the Test Automation window I can see that the dropdown defaults to ‘Standard Tests’. These are the tests returned using the earlier command.
After changing this to ‘All Tests’ I can now run the ‘Compile Blueprints’ test from within the Session Frontend.
Is there any way I can get all tests to be returned via the command line instead of just standard?


So it seems I was just missing the RunFilter command.

UE4Editor.exe “MyProject.uproject” -editortest -execcmds=“Automation RunFilter Stress, List, RunTests Project.Blueprints.Compile Blueprints” -log

This is all I needed!