How to get Audio Modulation to work with Sound Cues?

I started diving into the new audio modulation plugin this week following along to a video Dan Reynolds posted a few months ago (Audio Modulation Mixing in UE4.26 Preview 1).

I’m finding that when I set a volume modulation parameter within the sound cue and reduce the value through a bus mix it will not make any changes to the audio, but when I set the parameter within the sound wave file and reduce the bus mix value it works as it should.

Has anyone had much experience using Audio Modulation in 4.26 and since the patch? Is there something simple I might have missed? I’ve been using UE for a little while now from an audio implementation perspective but I mostly learn what I need on the fly.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve been playing around with this recently too, and no I don’t think you’ve missed anything!

The only way I’ve manged to get a control bus to effect a sound cue is if it belongs to a sound class. Modulating the sound class will effect the cues connected, but the overides within a cue seem to do nothing when trying to effect a cue seperately from its class.

I’m not sure if this is just plain broken of if I too are missing something… had followed the same Dan Reynolds video too and he doesn’t appear to do anything differently.

The ONLY difference I noticed was that the sound cue modulation tab in his walkthrough didn’t have the Disabled/Inherit/Override options as I find myself having:

Apparently, it is a bug that you can set audio modulation settings on sound cues at all.

Per Dan’s comment in Unreal Slackers:

Dannthr — 02/28/2021 I believe Inherit
was the default mode. The bug, as it
turns out, is that the setting was on
SoundCues at all. In the future, it
will be only for SoundWaves, Audio
Components, SoundClasses, etc. As well
as for select SoundBase types in the
future. But it will be removed from