How to get assests from Marketplace

Hi everybody! I’m completely new here and I’m following the tutorial named “Your First Game In Unreal Engine 5”. Right at the beginning we need to import an asset and the tutorial assumes that we already have the assets on our computer, which is not my case. Following the link to the marketplace I “purchased” the assets. in fact, it’s the whole project but I can’t find where in my local drive was saved. On the epic launcher (on Unreal Engine / Library) I can see the StockOBot icon but the only option is for creating a new project. Is that the way that I need to move on? Do I need to create a new project in order to get the necessary file to follow the tutorial? Thanks in advance!!

Most marketplace assets will just ‘add’ to an existing project, but in some cases you have to create a standalone project.

If you do have an existing project you want to carry on using, you can use the migrate option in the content browser to copy folders from the marketplace project to your other project ( make sure the project you’re copying to is not open in the editor ).

I’m assuming the reason this particular asset is standalone, is that there are project specific settings you need to have in place, and they don’t want to tamper with any settings you may have already made in an existing project. So you might need to figure out what they are to get the whole thing working if you do migrate the contents…

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Thanks for your notes. Indeed, I do have my project open but nothing happens when the process is done in the marketplace. I’ll close everything and open it again to see if this is a matter of delay or something else, but is a little frustrating to start from the beginning and have this kind of issue!

It creates the project, it’s in the launcher :slight_smile:

Hi, just checking if anybody figured out how to get the original assets related to the tutorial. From what I can tell the tutorial describes importing fbx files however the Stack O Bot project only has the assets in uasset format.

In the stackobot content folder is a file. These are the original FBX files