How to get android tilt working?

Hi i have tried this already, i opened a new rolling ball project and tried adding tilt controls (in axis mappings) which i want to handle the same way pressing the arrow/wasd keys would move the ball around. I have looked around and some of the posts seem helpful but the blueprint methods and nodes used dont have the same outputs in the newer builds (or maybe i am mistaken? not sure).

If anyone knows how to get this working it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hey Senken,

Here is an AnswerHub Thread that may be of some assistance to you.

Thank you for the reply, i now have something working! However the tilting and movement is quite off. I ve managed to get it moving in the right directions, however i get the feeling that the speed that it rolls in response to the tilt is rather random. I want to check, i feel like i shouldn’t be using acceleration, but instead should be tilt, however whenever i use tilt, on begin play (actually playing on my phone) the ball will be roll off my floor and is so fast and seems uncontrollable (i assume calibration is wrong?). In the other threads people are using ‘Set control rotation’, however i think i am after a different thing than they, i want to move the ball by tilting and not rotate the camera around something (Not sure if it makes a difference)?. Also, when, where and how often should i be calling calibrate tilt?
Is this how it should be setup or?..
I changed between trying out tilt and acceleration by just changing the ‘In Vec’ input between the two from 'Get input Motion State, however acceleration is the only one that sort of seems to work.