How to get an structure to put items in another structure

So I have seen mods one for example that picks up poop and puts it in a compost bin and I was wondering how you go about doing this. I need to make an item that moves items from one inventory to another and I have no clue how to go about doing it. Can someone give me the quick and dirty version of how to do this please?

Quick and dirty eh? Event>Inventory item?> get reference> add to new inventory> Delete old item

That is a little to quick and dirty. I get the general idea you’re talking about here but where would I go about doing this? And is it possible to have it look in more than one inventory? Also thanks for the help much appreciated.

You mean search through multiple inventories remotely to find items? Yes its possible. You’ll want to use sphere overlap to trace and find the correct structures in a given area, then for each structure within that sphere if the structure is type X then search it’s inventory component for item type Y. Im not on my desktop to through anything together to show you the concept but this is all done in the graph. How it’s implemented will ultimately come down to when and how you want this search to occur.

Ugh I figured this would be done with the graph system. I have no idea how any of that works. Does anyone know of any tutorials I can watch to get an idea of how this system works?


Docs and Youtube Playlist.

It’s seriously as simple as googling “UE4 Blueprint”, and switch to video results. Or just do the search on Youtube.


I did that, but I wasn’t sure how it translates going from just normal UE4 to the Ark dev kit. Like for example I noticed there is stuff in the graphs I can not edit. I can add graphs and edit them but the ones that come with the BP it wont let me mess with. Which sucks because I was hoping to study them.