How to get an offest of players camera


Still getting to grips with blueprints…

As the title says, I’m trying to find a way to get a position via blueprint or a couple of meters in front of the players camera, that will update as the player moves.
If anyone could tell me some ways of achieving this I would greatly appreciate it. I would assume there’s more than one way.

This is from the firing action in the fps blueprint default project.

Changing Gun Offset to however far you need it to be should do i think what your after.

Thanks. That looks like it should work, however I’m doing it in a separate blueprint class, so the target on get control location wont work, nor get actor location. What would i need to connect to them? I suppose another way i could do this would be to link a scene component to the camera in the character blueprint and then somehow reference that. Need to find out how to make global variables for that though. :confused:

What sort of use are you intending?

As for doing it in a separate blueprint class, are you talking about one separate from the player character? This could mean a lot of things and a little context can go a long way.

As long as you have access to ‘Get Player Pawn’ you should probably be able to do everything above by using the return as the Target for the ‘Get Actor Location’ and ‘Get Control Rotation’ above.