How to get an enemy AI to stop moving

I am trying to get it so that when an enemy AI runs into a trigger box he stops moving. Does anyone know how to do that using blueprints?

Hey samuslink,

There’s a node in blueprints called StopMovementImmediately or just StopMovement depending on your setup. I’d recommend grabbing a reference to your trigger box first and foremost.

Once you have this reference, call the OnBeginOverlap event of the trigger box, and then call StopMovement on your AI Pawn’s Floating Pawn Movement component.

Let me know if that works or if you need clarification on anything.

Have a great day

I did what you told me to. What happens is that the AI stops for a moment and then continues to the point. What I need is to make it so that he stops completely not just for a second.

It sounds like you’re calling your movement function after you’ve called StopMovement. Would you mind sharing some screenshots of your movement setup so I can take a closer look?

Try search for dsiable movement and hook the target to the character. If you need to know how to hook it to the character then search for the node ‘self’ and hook that as the target.

Yes, just override your current AI Move To other AI Move To (this will make the pawn stop 100%):