How to get an actor rotator in other actor relative coordinates?


I want to rotate the ring with the hand. The hand is attached to a VR motioncontroller and can be 2 hands in scene (left and right)

The ring is parented to the Extinguisher.

So, i need to transform the delta rotation of the glove (comparad to previous tick) to ring local coordinates, and add it to only one axis to the ring.

This way doesn´t matter how i rotate the hand for pick the ring and the position of the extinguisher, because if i pick the extinguisher with one hand (and with motioncontroller the position/rotation will get minimal changes at least even if i try to stay still), the second hand needs to be capable of rotate the ring.

The approach that i tried first was the quaternion way. getting the delta and transforming it to relative . But didn´t work in blueprint. I tried a lot of combinations but look like is not making the final transform.

There is a better way for work with quaternions? or maybe there is another approach for get the same result?