How to get all things overlapped by a collision sphere?

I have projectile that I want to have an explosion effect when it hits something, so on hit I have the projectile set to expand its collision sphere to get nearby things that it would overlap. I’m having trouble getting these static mesh cubes I have simulating physics from the sphere overlap and I don’t know why. I want the collision sphere to return a list of all these cubes so I can apply a radial impulse. Right now the list I’m getting returned is 0 in length. I even tried this with cube that have their own collision component too, but that didn’t work and the editor returned errors that said simulating physics and collision enabled are incompatible.

On hit event.

I think you want to be looking for overlapping actors and not components (if that exists) I just checked my code for my explosions and I use MultiSphereTraceByChannel for my explosion calculations