How to get all Player Characters to inflict damage on enemies

Hello thank you for the help in advance :slight_smile:

I am trying to get all Players to be able to inflict damage on the enemy below. I found changing the Player Index on the Set Player Pawn below would allow only one of the four player characters to deal damage to the enemy. How can I call on all four players for this?

Thank you!

Are players the only ones that use the “BP_Sword001”?? If so just remove the cast to player stuff, remove the IsValid for the player pawn that’s kind of weird to check. Who would swing the sword if not a valid player?? Just go direct from “overlapped actor” → cast to sword → deal damage. Then anyone with a sword can deal damage. If you are new to UE4 this set of tutorial may help you get the hang of the basics.

Thank you that got the damage working :smiley: Only issue now is that the sword always does damage now instead of only when using the attack animation on the character. How would I go about fixing that?

And yes I am very new to blueprints sorry xD Ill definitely watch your tutorials thank you :slight_smile: