How to get AI to path around each other?

Hi, I have a set of AI characters that I’m moving from one point to another using blueprints. But they all have different movement speeds. At the moment, they just bump up on the one in front and walk at the speed of that unit. I tried RVO avoidance, but it kind of looks like the AI hit something and decided to move away rather than just avoiding something after seeing it. Is there any default method to enable this process to be smoother? If not, any suggestions on which direction to proceed?

There is detour avoidance for a built in option This is done by changing your AIController to a DetourCrowdAIController. You can adjust options in the crowd manager (project settings) and what each field does is in this post.but you get a lot more control by overriding the pathfollowing component and adjusting the default values in C++

Thanks Justin, do you know if the DetourCrowdAIController has any limitations compared to the normal AIController when using Behavior Trees?

none that I know of. It extends an AIController so it has the same functionality. The main elements that are different are found in the pathfollowing component so it’s more how it finds it’s way to the target.

Thanks Justin, I was able to get it working by increasing the adaptive velocity quality of low and medium levels.