How to get AI Move to, to Move to a component?

I solved My own Problem but if anyone is trying to do something similar this is how.

In the Behaviour Tree With the Move to Node Selected → Details → BlackBoard → Observe BlackBoard Value it will automatically track the new location and move to… Smooth as butter once again ;D

Hello I have Set up A simple Friendly AI system that will follow the player, but I would like to implement a system where the AI can follow to the left, right, back left, back right or lead the player. and how I have done this is by creating invisible sphere locations on the player like 10 feet infront and 5 off to the side and so on, but using the Get World Location Node with the target being the component I created its not smooth.

For example if I set the blackboard value to my player actor it will move to my player buttery smooth, but if I set it to the vector location of the component it will go to like the last place where it was so if I continuously move it will stutter around.
is there anyway I can set up the AI to move directly to the location of the component without having to get world location?
or is there another way I could accomplish this by like merging two actors together or maybe socketing an actor to my player? any advice or questions are appreciated.