How to get actor location from another blueprint

I cannot found with any search how to resolved my problem.

I have in my another blueprint class Scene component with name Point.

How can I get WorldLocation from another class?

I want to get Point location because Scene component I need for my Weapon.


Before casting to WeaponGun, you’ll want a reference to the weapon actor (to connect to the grey Object input in cast node). If the weapon has not been spawned yet, you can use the Spawn Actor from Class node to spawn a weapon and store it as a variable in your character.

You can then use this variable to cast to WeaponGun and it should work.

Yes you have right!.

Only issue is why no use correct location.

I need location where is located my Scene component. Check pictures.

Where can be problem?

It could be due to the rotation values of Point component. Are they all set to 0.0?

Also, try using Get Right Vector instead of Get Forward Vector before multiplying by 10000, because the Forward (X/Red) direction for the Point is facing the left of the weapon

Thanks very much. Right Vector works!