How to get acceleration or force of a component or actor?

how can i get an object acceleration not just the distance it is accelerating but also the forces for example if the object is still but theres gravity then is there a way to get a vector value like X=0 Y=0 Z=-980 or if there is a radial force or an add impulse or whatever is there a way to get those values?

anyone knows?
because i know theres the character movement acceleration but thats not enough i need the physics acceleration for any other physics actors i may use

I can remember if there is a node outright for it, but you can try some simple math: Mass/Force = Acceleration

i know the formula i can get mass from the object (capsule or mesh) but the thing is where do i get the force value and the direction of it like if theres a negative radial force (attract) then i want to have the direction so that the character can rotate to that direction (like artificial gravity) or if the force is too strong then it kills it

i have not found in blueprints any way to get force value so i wonder if theres a plugin to add it or does it have to be by code
if only way is by code then i would need explanations with steps cuz i know absolutely nothing of coding XD

You need to use the “add force” or “add impulse” node in your blueprints. With that you can precisely say how much physical force you want to add to an object in a given direction.

In the objects blueprint options you have to set the mass of said object, and in the level / world blueprint you have to set the amount of gravity. All this together will go into your acceleration.