How to get acceleration of an actor

I added some thrusters to an actor and I need to get the acceleration of the actor, how do I do so? ps.: yes, acceleration, not velocity. I have the speed from a get velocity then vector length, and I need to know the speed change rate, aka acceleration

Create a new variable with the name lastVelocity, in tick do velocity - lastVelocity, now divide it by 100 to get meters then divide it by Delta Seconds(60 / Delta Seconds for in minutes and 3600 / Delta Seconds for in hours) and now you have acceleration by meters. If you want km you need to divide by 100000(instead of 100). Oh right don’t forget to set lastVelocity to current actor velocity in the end. Good luck.

like this? doesn’t seem to work properly, the number gets lower as the actor accelerates, and decreases when it’s falling, while it should remain around 9.8m/s

Well that’s more or less the limitation of the engine you can see it by when it gets to 980 its becomes 0 because the acceleration stops if you try it on something else it should work better(such as flying pawns) just do an branch when it gets close to max velocity to block the lastVelocity = velocity and it should be good. This is physics algorithm for acceleration so it can’t be wrong, maybe there is a better way to calculate this but I don’t know about it.