How to get a Widget Size and Location at run time?

This is one of the few things I couldn’t learn by my self, I would like to know how this Geometry, Absolute/Local/ViewPort Locations works.

My goal is when hovering over a widget, the blueprint is capable of get the size of that widget, know its location and set the position of another widget to be close to it (like a tooltip widget would do).

Example, the button and another widget close to it:

This is how I did to get the widget size, I expected the widget size, but it returns a number which I think is related to the window size, the node description is empty.

Here I’m trying to get the widget position, the “Absolute to Local” node requires an absolute coordinate, where I can find it? Is this flow correct? Get the Absolute > Get the Local > Get the Viewport location then set the “floating image panel” location.
What’s the difference between Absolute / Local / Viewport locations?

I didn’t found much while searching about this subject, only questions here and there, but without solid answers, pretty tough. So, any help is appreciate, thank you

Did you ever figure this out?

how hard would it be for them to add a “Get Widget Size and Location in Viewport” node, its frustrating cause in any other game engine getting somethings location and position is trivial but unreals systems are so segmented some are missing very basic overlooked functionality and require over-complicated workarounds

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