How to get a physics hit?

I’m trying to use physics in UE4 for the first time, and can’t seem to do the simplest thing. I’ve tried reading a bunch of threads etc. and just can’t figure out what simple thing I’m missing.

I’m launching a static mesh (beer bottle) into the air using ‘Add Impulse’, and then looking to just play a sound when it hits the floor.

Here’s my set up:

So I’m trying a couple of things which I thought might trigger a hit, but neither of them is printing the string. The bottle flies into the air just fine, and bounces along the floor. So the physics is totally working, but I’m just not sure how to trigger an event when the bottle hits the floor.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong here?

Collision box and “is simulating physics” to a branch would do the trick i think :slight_smile:

Simulation Generates Hit Events in the static mesh’s Collision panel has to be true.

Ah, *Simulation Generates Hit Events *was the ticket, thanks!