How to get a new link for the last build?

My PC turned off while downloading the “Voyager” build, how can I get a new link for it?

Send an email to regarding your issue. We will be able to re-activate the link for you on Monday the 23rd.


Will do, thanks!

I did encounter the same issue

All I did was…

go to your browser history Tab and find a link that looks like this (it would be mentioned not available) .

Click and your download will start. I downloaded the editor 4 times that day because of broken internet connections. And it works fine :slight_smile:

I was using chrome by the way.

Although I didn’t had that specific link in my history, manually changing the download link to this one (the /download?id= part changes to /getDownload?id= ) enables me to re-download the file.


Excellent :smiley: