How to Get a Mesh to appear in the Primary UE Viewport?

This is really a basic question. I’m starting a tutorial on Vertex Painting. I want to open a mesh and do some vertex painting on it.

When I launch UE, I get a display with (what I’m calling) the Primary View port. When I DC a map it appears in (what I’m calling) the Primary View Port. All the controls that I expect are there such as The ToolBar at the top includes these controls: Save Current, Source, Modes, Content, Marketplace. Note, Mode is where Mesh Painting is located.

However, if I double click a mesh, it appears in a different view port, and the controls in the tool bar are not the same as the primary viewport. The Toolbar there says Save, Browse, Realtime, Reimport Base Mesh. Over on the right side of both of these viewports, in Details, it looks about the same.

So can anyone tell me if these two view ports have different names?
Can you switch the mesh I DC’d so it appears in the Primary Viewport?
Does what I’m asking make sense? :slight_smile:
I mean I can function in UE but this one point is starting to bug me…lol. :smiley:

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The view you get when you double click the mesh, is the static mesh editor. That’s not where you do vertex painting.

Vertex painting happens in the main level viewport, because it changes aspects of the material you have applied to that particular instance of the mesh in the level. Not the base mesh ( static mesh editor ).

In short, you vertex paint in the main viewport.

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Thanks for the reply, I understand that the static mesh editor is not the main view port, however, in most of the tutorials I am watching they pull up the mesh and it appears in the main view port.

For example I’m watching an Epic tutorial talking about Vertex Painting, on a flat plain mesh, this mesh sits in the main view port, and it is here where they are doing the vertex painting. I’ve downloaded the project from Epic, as part of the In-depth Look at Environmental Artist Based Tools and if I try to duplicate what they are doing and open an example mesh, it ends up in the static mesh editor and not the main view port where as you said the vertex painting takes place.

Then I think well I have to drag this mesh into a map, to get it appearing in the main view port, yet in other tutorials there seems to be a way to quickly pull up a mesh and have it appear in the main view port and not a static mesh editor.

It’s like in the tutorial, they say look at this rock mesh, and it appears in the main view port, not the static mesh editor. Is that possible to directly pull it up there, in the main view port, or does it have to sit in a map? …and in these tutorials they are actually preparing these meshes in advance (somehow) so they can be viewed in the main view port? Can you describe the distinction here?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

They put it in the map :slight_smile: