How to get a IF Statement on the Blueprint Editer

I need a IF like statement for detecting if the person is jumping, running, or standing, and then animate the player for each action. I know there is the Branch statement but it works using True/False statements I need (or want) some thing like this,

if (var == “thing”) {

I’m building a 2d game on engine 4.8.1.


You would drag a line off of “var” and then type == into the context menu. That will give you an “equals” node. Then you can put “thing” into the other input, and then it will spit a bool out. That bool goes into a branch.

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Hello fp0707,

Have you tried dragging off of the pin of the variable that you would like to check and typing in “==”, This will allow you to check and see if the two variables are the same. I hope that this helps.

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YES THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. Thanks both of you! :slight_smile:

Thanks!!! It is useful for me.

Thanks!!! It is useful for me as well! Cheers!